The difference between gems and jade

Gems are also written as juelrye in English, and they are the most beautiful and precious kind of rocks. They are bright in color, crystal texture, brilliant luster, hard and durable, and rare. They are natural mineral crystals that can be used to make jewelry, such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, etc.; there are also a few natural single mineral aggregates, such as Agate, opal. There are also a few organic materials, such as amber, pearls, coral, coal and ivory, which are also included in the broad sense of gems.
Jade is also the beauty of stone. It also has bright colors, hard and delicate texture, and has the characteristics of beautiful luster after polishing.
From the current gemology, the concept of gems can be divided into broad and narrow sense.
In a broad sense, gems and jade are not distinguished. They generally refer to gems, jewels and jade. Anything that is produced in nature, is beautiful, durable, scarce, has technological value, and can be processed into ornaments is collectively called natural jewels and jade. Including natural gems, natural jade, and some natural organic materials.
The narrow concept also includes gems and jade: gems refer to single mineral crystals that are magnificent, crystal clear, hard, durable, and rare, and can be refined into gem jewelry, including natural and synthetic ones, such as diamonds and sapphires; Jade refers to mineral aggregates produced in nature, with beautiful, durable, rare and technological value, and a few are amorphous. Such as jade, nephrite, Dushan jade, Xiu jade, etc.
Jade also has a narrow sense and a broad sense. The narrow sense only refers to jadeite (represented by Burmese jade) and nephrite (represented by Hetian jade); the broad sense includes many kinds of minerals and rocks used in crafts and arts.
As for the colored stone, it refers to the low-grade arts and crafts stone that is more beautiful and delicate in color and texture, with low hardness and low gloss, but can meet the requirements of processing technology. Some scholars advocate including colored stones in jade in a broad sense, or temporarily use colored stones as a synonym for jade.

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